January 30, 2024
How Teaming up as a Community Makes Neighborhoods Safer in a Wildfire

Neighborhood Preparedness can Reduce Your Risk

Often, the ignition source in a wildfire is the building next door, and if they are not prepared, then this may impact your homebuilding. Encouraging your street, neighborhood and community to join you in creating defensible space around their buildings, too, will give your building, and your neighborhood a better chance at surviving the threat of Wildfire.

How Firewise and Fire-Adapted Communities are Safer Together

A Firewise and fire-adapted community is a resilient community that has implemented defensible space and home hardening for the community, not just one home.

If you have a row of matches and ignite one end, it will not take long for each match to ignite like a domino effect. However, if you created barriers like defensible space, 0-5’ of non-combustible zone, to screening vents, decks, gutters, etc then that barrier will help stop the spread. 

Add in Match Stick Video 

For Firewise Communities, rRetrofitting homes with Wildfire Defense Mesh, the product cost  and the labor can be used to meet the required time and dollars spent for your community’s annual NFPA Firewise Certification renewal.

Creating an Affordable Solution for Community Resilience

Often a barrier to home hardening retrofits is personal budgets. That’s why we have created a Firewise and Fire Adapted Community Program, which allows homeowners to retrofit vents for as little as $6* a vent for $100 per home*..

To find out more about Firewise Communities, check out the Firewise resources. Request a sample to share with your community.*Based on approximately 30 participating homes