January 30, 2024
About us

Wildfire Defense Mesh™ - An American Company with Australian Roots

Our mission at Wildfire Defense Mesh™ is to enable every community to become wildfire-resilient by proactively protecting their homes and neighborhoods regardless of financial means. Because we believe Wildfire protection is a right, not a privilege. 

We strongly believe in the power of community resilience and seek to educate and encourage communities to collaborate on their wildfire mitigation initiatives to improve the survivability of a neighborhood in a Wildfire event. Together, we are stronger!  

Wildfire Defense Mesh™ - Greer Family Origins

The Greer Family of Australia has a multi-generational history of stainless steel mesh design and manufacturing. 

In response to the horrific Australian Bushfires of 2008 & 2009, Andrew Greer developed the ember-defending and, heat-reflective stainless steel Bushfire Mesh that gives homes a fighting chance of surviving wildfire. Bushfire Mesh was widely adopted and has reduced wildfire risk for countless Australian homes and businesses for over 25 years.    

Now living in the US, Andrew’s son James Greer saw that Americans living in fire-prone regions didn’t have access to a top-quality, affordable product that reduced the risk of their homes igniting during wildfire. 

So he brought Bushfire Mesh to the U.S., and Wildfire Defense Mesh™ (WDM) was born.

Awarded, approved, and collaborating with fire authorities and local government 

In 2023, Wildfire Defense Mesh™ was approved and listed by QAI, an approved testing and listing lab by CAL FIRE, OSFM. 

In 2023, Wildfire Defense Mesh™ became a the first  U.S. patent-pending wildfire mesh product and in August 2023, our VP, James Greer, was privileged to witness and represent Wildfire Defense Mesh™ at the recent signing of the Climate Action Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Australia and California, which included various initiatives and commitments for the countries to collaborate on Wildfire mitigation initiatives to protect communities.

Wildfire Defense Mesh is proud to be making strides in helping communities protect their homes and neighborhoods - and we’re just getting started!

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