January 30, 2024
Why Stainless Steel is recommended for defending against Wildfire over Aluminum or Galvanized

All Mesh Was Not Created Equal

Wildfire Defense Mesh™ was born from generations of knowledge in the wire industry, and its stainless steel product development has undergone extensive R&D. 

When compared to a general ⅛” aperture galvanized mesh, Wildfire Defense Mesh™ outperforms across the following factors;

  • A minimum of 95% effective at stopping dangerous embers vs. a minimum of 65% for ⅛” aperture mesh
  • Radiant heat reduction of ~38% 
  • No significant reduction in airflow when compared to a similar ⅛” percentage opening mesh. Wildfire Defense Mesh™ opening Net Free Area is 62%, which falls within the current industry standard for a typical ⅛” mesh NFA of 56-66% 
  • Tensile strength is almost double that of galvanized steel
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long product life means it won’t need replacement
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Less dust accumulation and easy cleaning (annual cleaning is recommended) 

4 Reasons to Choose a Stainless Steel Mesh When Seeking Wildfire Protection:

  1. Stainless steel has a high melting point and the research states that the protection should be able to withstand 900+ degrees C whereas aluminum Melts at 700 Degrees C
  2. Stainless steel is non-corrosive and low maintenance, whereas galvanised steel loses its non-corrosive protection over time
  3. Stainless steel is non-combustible and will not increase your building fire load
  4. Stainless steel can reflect Radiant heat, resulting in a lower temperature on the non-fire side. This lower temperature will reduce the likelihood of fire continuing beyond the barrier

Making Sure Mesh Looks Good on Your Building

If the mesh is not black powder coated and is being used externally for aesthetic purposes, to minimize tea staining, make sure you evaluate if the mesh is to be pickled, passivated, and electropolished.

Conclusion - Quality matters 

It’s critical to make sure the mesh you are using to protect your home is durable, non-corrosive, and will last not only during a Wildfire but for the years ahead.