January 30, 2024
Wildfire Defense Mesh™ is now U.S. Patent Pending

We're thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking Wildfire Defense Mesh™ has been designated a U.S. patent-pending product! Our extensive research and development enabled us to create this affordable, accessible solution that reduces the risk of home and structure ignition during wildfire events.

Our innovative Wildfire Defense Mesh™ has proven highly effective in protecting against the three threats of structure ignition during a wildfire event: radiant heat, wind-born embers, and direct flame. It can cover vents and additional vulnerable openings,  and be attached to structures as an ember barrier (fencing, windows, under decks, skirting, etc). 

Wildfire Defense Mesh™ is a product of generations of wire industry knowledge and experience that includes today's research and tomorrow's technology. 

It surpasses standard galvanized and other mesh in many critical aspects all without compromising airflow: 

  • 95 % effective at blocking dangerous embers,
  • Reduces radiant heat by ~38%, 
  • Lowers temperature, 
  • Complies with IRC ventilation code requirements 

High tensile strength and corrosion resistance make it low-maintenance with a long product life.  Stay tuned for more Wildfire Defense Mesh™ news and applications! 

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